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About Us

Candle Wax Before Melting

Your satisfaction
is our priority  

  Thats why we work with the best ingredients, to deliver 

high quality products. Our hand made candles for example, have a high percentage of concentration working with our developed soy wax blend creates a candle that lasts more than 72 hours of burning time and delivering a exquisite scent to your home.

And we are not stopping there. 

our top quality candles have been developed and reviewed by many to ensure you get a 100% satisfaction.

   Exus & Co. is a brand that offers the top products on the market at a very convenient costs, always trying to find ways to improve out products and services.


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Delivering Happiness Every Day 

Our staff is always alert and responsive to be able to offer a great service, fast and free delivery. we have distributed all around the U.S. more than 11,000 happy customers and counting.

We Take Sustainability Seriously

We work with 100% recyclable materials and around 40% of our products are made with high quality recycled materials, to try and help make a change, everything counts!

Products and service reviews

Packing Services

We Deliver Happiness

Fast and free delivery 100% guaranteed

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