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Exus Odor eliminator Display ( the official Pot Blocker) Large Bottle ( 3.0 Oz. )delivers the most effective deodorizer in the world thanks to our patented powerful formula technology, it can be used for any situation no matter how strong the bad smell is.This products is so effective you will only need one small spray to get rid of the bad odors, leaving a pleasant and lasting fragrance, it can be used for home, car, gym bag, closets, restrooms, you name it! Black Edition delivers a perfume like scent which makes it the top seller of its segment. Exus Aerosol will efficiently eliminate any bad odors from garbage, cigars, cooking smoke, car, office, home, and leave an incredible satisfying powerful lasting scent. Any of our scents are refined by the BEST QUALITY for our dear customers to enjoy a good scent, and get rid of any unwished smell. Nothing is in the market like EXUS.

Exus Odor Eliminator & Air Freshener Spray For Strong Odor - 3.0 Oz.

$48.99 Regular Price
$39.80Sale Price
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